Spain to Majorca Flights

Majorca Tourist Information and Vacation Guide (Mallorca)

A number of low-cost airlines provide direct flights from cities on the Spanish mainland to Majorca (Mallorca).  The airlines include:

  1. Air Berlin
  2. Air Europa
  3. easyJet
  4. Air Nostrum
  5. Spanair
  6. Vueling Airlines
Flights to Mallorca
Flights to Mallorca

Inexpensive flights are available to the Palma de Mallorca airport from the following airports on the Spanish mainland:

  1. Alicante Airport
  2. Almería Airport
  3. Barcelona Airport
  4. Bilbao Airport
  5. Granada Airport
  6. Madrid Airport
  7. Málaga Airport
  8. Santiago de Compostela Airport
  9. Seville Airport
  10. Valencia Airport

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